Ginger Candy



  • Ginger Candy is a combination of sweet and spicy flavor and chewy texture makes it a favorite snack.
  • Ginger Candy is made of ginger root that has been cooked until softened, and then lightly coated in sugar.
  • Our Ginger Candy is pungent with a spicy-sweet flavor and is moist and chewy.
  • In addition to using candied ginger for baking cakes and cookies, it can be mixed in small amounts with other candied fruit, nuts and seeds for a healthy snack alternative.
  • Also, many of them use it to sweeten and spice their hot tea.
  • Ginger Candy is a smart candied fruit to have on hand; it is renowned for its healing properties-especially as a remedy for nausea.
  • It also has antioxidant effects and inhibits the formation of inflammatory compounds.


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